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Paintings of the 12th to the 13th centuries :

Paintings of the 13th to the 15th :

Frescoes and painting

For too long we often considered the paintings within the churches as bibles with images for all the faithful. The main part of the faithful weren’t, indeed, able to interpret the main part of those paintings.


These testimonies of frescoes and medieval paintings are first a liturgical “clothes” that wears the walls of the building. The Limousin presents a diversity of artistic creations that might have known the Middle Age.


The priory of Salles de Lauvauguyon is a must-see treasure of the 12th century, renown by all the historian of art.

Priory of Salles-Lavauguyon

Discovered from 1986, these frescoes are among the most beautiful of France. Their theme, the scenes they represent and their general quality, the wealth of…

Others treasures between the 12th and the 15th century enable a discovery of several illustration themes we also find in the manuscripts.


Some artists are identified as manuscript illustrator and Romanesque frescoes, such as the paintings in the sacramentary and in the crypt of the Romanesque cathedral of Limoges.

Collegial church of Saint-Junien
However they are one of the rarest examples of Romanesque wall paintings in a region where few examples are…
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